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It can be very frustrating when garage door springs fail. Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence. In fact, broken or out of balance garage door springs are the most common reason for a malfunctioning garage door. You cannot expect your garage door to function properly when the springs are broken. The most common reason that garage door springs break is because of age. They are commonly used for years and years and never checked or replaced. The years of use create wear and tear that eventually lead to a compromise or break. The average spring is designed to last anywhere between nine to fifteen years. This is a significant amount of time so these repairs are not needed very often during the life of your garage door. However, after the springs break you will have no choice but to have them replaced in order to restore your garage door to a working condition.

There are two very common garage door spring types. These include torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are commonly used on double-wide doors. These types of springs are stronger and safer during operation, but not very safe for the average person to work on They require special tools and an extreme attention to detail. It is safe to say that they require a professional service for replacement or repair. Extension springs are for smaller garage doors and are somewhat easier to deal with However, we have seen many people cause damage or get injured trying to service extension springs themselves. It is always better to use our professional service for your safety, and the safety of your property.

So how do you know when you are having garage door spring issues? The best sign of a properly working garage door is that it opens smoothly and quietly. If your garage door is not working or sounding like it should, it may be a sign that you are having spring issues. You should try to operate the door using the manual release. You can do this by pulling the chord that is attached to the trolley system. If the door does not operate properly manually, you might have springs that are broken or out of balance. One thing to remember is that this type of problem will never fix itself. It also can escalate quickly into more expensive damage or repairs if it is not addressed in a timely manner. Luckily, Garage Door Repair Annapolis MD is the top company in the area when it comes to garage door springs. When your springs fail or break, we can respond immediately to repair or replace the damage and fix your garage door. Just contact us today, we will handle the rest.

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