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There are many different options for garage door openers. We specialize in working with the 3 most common types. These types include:

Chain Drive: This type of opener is the most common opener that we see. With this type of opener a chain is utilized to push or pull a trolley which moves the garage door up or down. These types of doors are very reliable as well as affordable. One common complaint about a chain drive opener is that it can be very noisy. Due to the noise most homeowners prefer to use this type of opener when they have a garage that is detached from their main house. At Garage Door Repair Annapolis MD we can assist you with installing or repairing a chain drive opener, you just need to contact us.

Belt Drive: When a garage is belt driven it uses does not use us chain as previously described but uses a belt to move the door. The advantage that this provides is that it is much quieter. Imagine pulling a chain compared to a belt. When you imagine this you can better understand why there is such a difference in noise. Since belts are so quiet they are great for garages which are attached to a house. The drawback to the belt drive is that they are also more expensive. When you need a belt drive garage door opener repaired or installed, give us a call.

Screw Drive: The final common garage opener is a little different than the previous two Instead of belts or chains the screw drive type opener rotates a steel rod which moves the trolley to open and close the door. This means that the opener requires less components than the chain drive or belt drive. This decreases the lifetime maintenance needed for the screw drive opener. However, this is another noisy option, especially when compared to the belt drive.

When you need your garage door opener repaired or installed there is no one better to call than us. Remember we offer same day service as well as 24/7 availability. We can make a recommendation for the best type of opener for your garage and handle the installation quickly and efficiently. If your opener is just not operating correctly, we can diagnose the issue and provide an estimate for a very affordable repair. When you are having garage door opening issues, do not just bury your head in the sand. This will only allow the situation to get worse. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you with budget-friendly repair and installation services.

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