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Garage Door Repair Annapolis MD really does it all when it comes to garage doors in Annapolis MD. This includes new garage door installation. The first thing you should understand is that finding the correct garage door for the installation is the major part of the battle. As you can tell from the previous explanation about garage door opener types, there are many types of doors to choose from After a garage door is selected you must make sure that your new garage door is installed properly and safely. When a garage door is not installed correctly it can create a safety hazard for you, your family, and your property.

When Garage Door Repair Annapolis MD installs a new garage door there are certain steps we take to ensure that everything is done properly. The first thing we do is ensure that the door’s sensor beam is properly installed by doing extensive testing. The door sensor is the invisible beam that runs along the bottom of the door. When something breaks the beam the door stops closing and immediately opens. This prevents people, pets, and property from being crushed by the door. If it is not working as intended, you can have a serious safety concern. We make sure that this is never the case through extensive testing to ensure that the sensor is working exactly as intended.

After extensively testing the sensor beam we move on by testing the battery backup and the manual release operation. These are essential for times that your power does not work or your garage door motor fails to function properly. When your power goes out the battery backup is the ideal solution for ensuring that you can still open and close your garage door. The door will be powered by the battery until the power is restored. The manual release is a way to open and close the door even when the motor does not work. This is an important safety feature because when your garage door malfunctions someone could potentially be stuck underneath it How can you get them out if you are unable to manually move the door? Garage Door Repair Annapolis MD knows that safety is a top priority in any new garage door installation, and we will never cut corners when it comes to the safety of your family or property.
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